Jun 18, 2010

Not your average puppy day-camp

June 18
Joey was out at Cub Scout day camp all week. He got to be around a couple hundred screaming kids. On the first couple days he was tied to my camping trailer and had his portable kennel sitting in the shade. But, he preferred to lay under a tree and insisted on trying to dig. I was busy teaching a cooking class for the boys and couldn’t be right there to stop him every time, so I pulled out a piece of outdoor carpet we use in the tent and layed it down so he couldn’t dig. Then he insisted on laying under the trailer. He didn’t want to stay in the kennel. I put him in his coat for the flag ceremony at the start and close of each day. Today, for the last day of camp, the boys had a big water gun fight against the camp staff. I ran Joey around in the middle of the fight and let him get wet and he was able to get some of the boys wet when he would shake off the water. Also, today was a big milestone for Joey. Maybe not in his training, but it was important for his self-confidence. He jumped into the front floor of my pickup completely on his own with no assistance. You could really see the look of satisfaction on his face.