Jul 23, 2010

In Memoriam

July 23

There is deep sadness in the Mihulka home this week. It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of "Squirrel", a very close, inseparable friend of Joey. Squirrel first came into the Mihulka home on May 29th, 2010 as a gift from Joey's sponsers, Jimmy and Stefanie Lannon of Sarasota. Squirrel's death came after a short case of torn stitching, followed soon after by traumatic disembowelment. Survivors include two Nylabones, three Kong toys, and a green dental chew. Services were held at the home and the body was interred in a garbage can beside the garage. Squirrel will be deeply missed by Joey.

Birth Announcements

The Mihulka family happily welcomes a brand-new bundle of joy, Chipmunk.
Born 7/23/10, the little cutie weighs in at 1.1 ounce and is 10 inches long. (not including tail)  Joey welcomed him with open mouth.

Jul 11, 2010

Road trip!

July 11

We had a great trip back to Nebraska. We drove this time instead of flying
Joey was just wonderful in the car. He laid on the floor either playing with a chew toy, or just keeping up with his beauty sleep. We stopped in St. Louis and took him to the top of the Gateway Arch. You ride to the top in what can only be described as a big clothes dryer. We got a great picture of Joey looking out the window at the top.

Then, it was on to Nebraska.

We stayed at my dad’s house while we were there. The first morning after we arrived, I was sitting at a table with Joey next to me. He started nosing around under the china cabinet. He had been nosing under there the night before, so I got down to find out if something was down there. I didn’t see anything, so I ran my hand in the carpet and felt something small. I picked some up and looked at them. They were small green pellets, MOUSE POISON. Dad had picked up all the poison trays before we had arrived, but the vacuum didn’t reach far enough under the cabinet to get some of particles that had been spread under there. I got on the internet to do some reading on the subject. Joey had to go outside to busy right about then, and I saw that his poo was bright green. There was no mistaking that he had eaten some. It was too early for the vet office to be open, so I called the emergency number. The doc assured me there was no cause for alarm, but I did need to bring him in that morning. I brought in a tray of the poison, and a poo sample. The vet examined them and confirmed that he had eaten enough to be dangerous. She gave us some medication to counter-act the poison. Joey is and will be just fine.

On the way back home, we spent some time in Tennessee. We went to an old working farm that is kept the way it was back in 1860. Joey got to meet some pigs and chickens, but was really fascinated by the horses. But, he is getting to be a true professional, and with just a slight tug of the leash, he is off to see what else there is to find. Joey also got to go in the Ruby Falls cave in Chattanooga. As we met other tour groups in the cave, people were always surprised to see dog in there.

When we got home, he quickly found his favorite toy, which we intentionally did not take on the trip with us. We knew the constant squeaky, squeaky, squeaky, in the car would have driven us crazy. This favorite toy is now a very sorry looking squirrel. He brings it to us and whines, trying to get us to play tug-of-war with him. That is one thing we can't do. For a more timid dog, tug-of-war is good to help the dog gain some confidence, but Joey already knows he is the best. No matter how much we love him and want to spoil him, we have to remember that his destiny lies in another direction. So far, his training has been a dream. He is a very smart dog. Nothing seems to faze him. Oh sure, he notices everything around him, and he will turn to look at things when we are walking, but just a slight tug on the leash puts his focus back where it should be. The only problem area seems to be whatever is laying on the ground. He will snatch up small sticks, leaves, litter, anything that is in his path. I am constantly jerking the leash up to keep his head up away from the ground. I hope that as his legs grow longer and his head is further away from the ground, it will get easier to stop him from grabbing everything.