May 31, 2010

I'm going to Disney!

Took Joey on an overnight trip to the Wilderness Lodge in Orlando. Joey went up and down lots of stairs, including some that were semi-open. Lots of elevator rides, walking over steel grates at the doors, and up and down ramps. Lots of walking on boardwalks and over small foot bridges. We rode buses, boats, and the monorail. Nothing phased him at all. Even the fireworks going off in the evening were totally ignored. Once in the monorail, the door warning chimes made him lift his head and look around, but after that one time, he ignored it. He is fascinated by anything laying on the ground. It should get easier to control that as he grows and his face is a little further away from the ground. He spent a lot of time laying under the loungers at the pool. Even the geyser going off every hour was ignored. In one of the restaurants, A waitress dropped a tray of dishes and made a very large noise, but he never flinched. At another meal in the hotel, the servers got very loud as part of their western characters, but he didn’t pay any attention to them. Only when a waitress was dancing very close to our table, did he start to scoot a little closer to where she was. Once he is laying under that table, he ignores everything . But, we haven’t dropped any food yet.

At Downtown Disney, they have little water jets in the ground that little kids play on. I got Joey standing near one just waiting for it to go off. He happened to stand directly over one just as it shot him in the belly. But, he barely acknowledged that he got wet. He met a lot of people that were interested in petting him. I swear to god I will probably scream the next time I hear anybody saying “AWE” !

I was worried about him during the night in the hotel room. I knew we might have a problem in the morning trying to get him outside in time to “busy”. He was on a tiedown at the foot of the bed, not in his usual crate. I woke up in the morning hearing him playing with his toy, not with the whining I usually hear. I got him to the elevator, down the long hall, out the door, and to the grassy area. He took care of business in a very professional manner. There were ducks that he ignored, and leaves and flowers from the trees that he found irresistible. We realized in one of the hotel stores, that Cindy has to turn over the leash to me while shopping. All I do is hold everything while she does the actual looking at stuff. Cindy had Joey right by her side on a very short leash, and talking about him to a lady that was interested in the puppy raiser program when she felt something strange on her leg. She looked down and saw that he had grabbed a stuffed toy off a low shelf and was shaking it violently. She got him to turn it loose. It wasn’t damaged, but was very wet with slobber. She figured we just bought a toy, but the other lady said that it will probably dry off before anyone besides a little kid tries to touch it again. She tossed the toy to the back of the shelf and we moved on. Hey, Disney toys are ridiculously overpriced!

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