Aug 27, 2010

Puppies, Attention!

Aug 27

I don’t know if I could ever be as proud of Joey as I was this morning. I took him out to watch the Honor Escort for Marine Lance Cpl. Nathaniel J.A. Schultz, who was killed in Afghanistan. He was flown into MacDill AFB and came thru Brandon on the way to Riverview. Joey sat next to me on the side of the road as the procession approached. He looked extra sharp in his blue coat. As the police cars approached, he focused his eyes on them and didn’t move a muscle. Then, just as the hearse got to us, he stood up. He stood there not moving, watching the hearse, the Patriot Riders, and the rest of the motorcade pass by. As the last police car was passing, he sat down again.
Joey had stood at attention to honor a fallen American! How could he not? His sponsor is a combat wounded Marine and a guide dog user. I am retired US Air Force. Joey somehow understands the way we feel and he paid his respects appropriately.
Now, most people would say he probably was just fascinated by the flashing lights and flapping flags, but I know better.

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