Dec 2, 2010

Ode to Joey

Remember when I wrote about Joey chewing up a couple ornaments?  Well, he hasn’t learned to leave the tree alone yet. 

Notice how the bottom half of the tree looks pretty bare?  Not too many bows or plastic candy canes down there anymore.  I don’t know how such a big clumsy puppy can be so stealthy and get them when we aren’t looking.  But, we did manage to catch him in the act a couple times and apply timely correction.  He has now gone two full days without touching any. 
Another SEGD puppy blog, Rudy’s Life;
is having a little contest right now to write a dog themed Christmas poem.  I have been trying to get into creative mode and come up with something to submit, but not surprisingly, I am a lousy poet.  Here are some of the ideas that are kicking around in my head.

Twas the night before Christmas----No, that’s been done to death.

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree
Your branches are so barren
They were so full and brightly lit
Until the ornaments got bit……..

Joy to the world
Our tree still stands
Our puppy loves it so.
He likes to chew the ornaments
and garlands into fragments
Then he crawls underneath to sleep…..

Joey the guide dog puppy
Had some very very big paws…….

Listen my children and you shall hear
of the Christmas puppy.......

So far my favorite is;
Deck the kennels with nyla-bones
Bow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
Hey,  NO NOISE!!!!

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