Feb 18, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Joey is home!  Last night we had our raiser group meeting, so Barkley’s raiser and I met there early to switch dogs.  We wanted to give them a chance to settle down a little before going into the meeting.  As I pulled in, I was wondering if Joey was going to be more excited to see me, or another dog.  It turned out that his doggy distraction was stronger than his love for me.  He went after Barkley first.  I was a close second though.
After the dogs got a chance to get reacquainted with their raisers and calm down, we went into the meeting.  SEGD trainer Karen Mersereau was the focus of this meeting.  She talked to us about leash management and handled a couple of our pups to demonstrate her techniques.  She took the leash of one of the more “rambunctious” pups in our group and in just a couple minutes, had him behaving  very nicely.  It was clear that he knew the commands, he was just very distracted by the dogs and probably the people.  Karen’s lecture and demonstration was a very big help to us.  Thank you Karen!
In other business at our meeting, our AC (area coordinator) dropped some very good news on us.  We have been fundraising as a group for the Walkathon, in the hopes that we will be able to sponsor a puppy.  Our former AC passed away recently and we were planning to name a pup after him.  He and his wife host a breeder that has a litter ready to go to homes in a couple weeks.  We have been offered one of these pups!  One of the raiser families in our group that is between pups right now will get this new little black lab male named “Dave”.  ( I think this is a wonderful name.)  The rest of the litter will be going to Texas after the walkathon, so we feel very lucky to have gotten one of them.  I think everybody in the group will be anxious to puppysit this special guy.   And if I know his raisers, there will soon be another new blog out there, probably called "Dave's Everyday Adventures".
After the meeting, I got Joey home to rest of the family.  Everybody was very excited to see each other again, then Joey quickly settled down into his old routine.  It’s good to be home, eh Joey?

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  1. Glad that Joey is home! Joe comes home on Saturday. Karen is awesome! She has made it up here a few times and those were some of my favorite meetings! Can’t wait to “meet” little Dave! He will have some awesome raisers and he will be a very special puppy:)